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Napoleon (Dynamite!) and lots of other Spring items from Wilbornworld

1. A night of Napoleon Dynamite! Before he was cast as Pedro in a super low-budget 2004 film, Napoleon Dynamite, Efren Ramirez worked with my wife as part of the faculty at Beverly Hills Studios in Los Angeles. The “faculty” were a bunch of actors themselves, who paid their rent with a teaching gig, instead of […]

Six totally true totally biased, news items from Wilbornworld

1. My weekend with Tom and Dick Smothers I’m vague on the year, but as a young reporter, I was spending a late ‘80s or early ‘90s weekend covering the Colony Resort’s annual wine festival on Longboat Key near Sarasota when I met Tom and Dick Smothers and trouble ensued. The brothers were there promoting their […]

My top Five brain clogs as I come to grips with 2024

1. Maestro – Sorry haters – I loved it A) Carey Mulligan – Scary good. Clear a spot for the tall gold man.B) Sarah Silverman – Should get a supporting nomination.. C) Bradley Cooper – Disappeared in the role. Plus, he wrote it, directed it, and played the lead.D) I like movies about guys with large noses.  Final […]

Four guaranteed coping hacks, two excerpts, a book tip, and Groucho

1. I’m having trouble coping with the news of wars, toxic politics, and the inevitable holiday season. You too? Here are a few hacks that might keep you as sane as me: a/ Become a Swiftie. Okay, I’m not going to a stadium show, but I love listening to her pandemic albums – Evermore and Folklore. They comfort […]

Top Five thoughts clogging Paul’s brain this week

1. BARBIE – To see or not to see??? A) Greta Gerwig – Love herB) Margot Robbie – HotC) Ryan Gosling – Never liked Ken anywayD) Don’t own anything pink DECISION: I’ll read all the social media posts and pretend I saw it. Wait to actually watch it on my couch. 2. This week’s excerpt […]