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Napoleon (Dynamite!) and lots of other Spring items from Wilbornworld

1. A night of Napoleon Dynamite! Before he was cast as Pedro in a super low-budget 2004 film, Napoleon Dynamite, Efren Ramirez worked with my wife as part of the faculty at Beverly Hills Studios in Los Angeles. The “faculty” were a bunch of actors themselves, who paid their rent with a teaching gig, instead of […]

Six totally true totally biased, news items from Wilbornworld

1. My weekend with Tom and Dick Smothers I’m vague on the year, but as a young reporter, I was spending a late ‘80s or early ‘90s weekend covering the Colony Resort’s annual wine festival on Longboat Key near Sarasota when I met Tom and Dick Smothers and trouble ensued. The brothers were there promoting their […]

My top Five brain clogs as I come to grips with 2024

1. Maestro – Sorry haters – I loved it A) Carey Mulligan – Scary good. Clear a spot for the tall gold man.B) Sarah Silverman – Should get a supporting nomination.. C) Bradley Cooper – Disappeared in the role. Plus, he wrote it, directed it, and played the lead.D) I like movies about guys with large noses.  Final […]

Four guaranteed coping hacks, two excerpts, a book tip, and Groucho

1. I’m having trouble coping with the news of wars, toxic politics, and the inevitable holiday season. You too? Here are a few hacks that might keep you as sane as me: a/ Become a Swiftie. Okay, I’m not going to a stadium show, but I love listening to her pandemic albums – Evermore and Folklore. They comfort […]

Florida Hustle: Unveiling the Best Humorous Audiobooks for Different Tastes

Best Humorous Audiobooks for Different Tastes

If you’re a fan of humorous stories that keep you enthralled, look no further; this blog post is your guide to the best humorous audiobooks. In this digital age, audiobooks offer a unique way to experience the magic of storytelling. Today, we’re diving headfirst into the realm of humor, exploring the best humorous audiobooks that […]

Top 10 Hilarious Audiobooks Guaranteed to Make You Laugh! [Updated 2024]

Top 10 Hilarious Audiobooks

Have you ever found yourself seeking peace from the chaotic world around you? The best humorous audiobooks have the power to elevate your mood and provide you with a much-needed escape. As you delve deeper into the funny audiobooks, you will be transported to the world where laughter reigns supreme, and worries take a back seat. Witty escapades, […]

Florida Hustle: Real Events Behind Famous Historical Fiction Novels

Real Events Behind Famous Historical Fiction Novels

Historical fiction novels are a captivating blend of history and creative storytelling. Authors in this genre take real historical events, settings, and figures and infuse them with fictional characters, dialogue, and narrative. This fusion creates a story that not only educates readers about the past but also engages their emotions and imagination. Paul Wilborn’s novel, […]

Historical Fiction vs. Historical Non-Fiction: Which Should You Choose?

Historical Fiction vs. Historical Non-Fiction

The realm of literature is a boundless treasure trove, enchanting us with tales that transport us across time and space. Literature lets readers explore the distant past, glean insights from historical occurrences, and vividly encounter our predecessors’ lives. Within this literary expanse, two prominent genres stand out: historical fiction and historical non-fiction. Each one offers […]

Top Five thoughts clogging Paul’s brain this week

1. BARBIE – To see or not to see??? A) Greta Gerwig – Love herB) Margot Robbie – HotC) Ryan Gosling – Never liked Ken anywayD) Don’t own anything pink DECISION: I’ll read all the social media posts and pretend I saw it. Wait to actually watch it on my couch. 2. This week’s excerpt […]