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What are the Subgenres of Comedy Fiction: Example Books of Each

What are the Subgenres of Comedy Fiction

Introduction I like my fiction to tell human stories that are both touching and comic. I think life is a lot like that. I didn’t set out to be a writer of Comedy Fiction but apparently, that’s a big part of what I do. And the publishing world likes to find boxes for writers, so […]

10 Best New Historical Fiction Audiobooks To Read In 2024

10 Best New Historical Fiction Audiobooks To Read In 2024

I set my first two books in the 1980s, but they are often described by readers and booksellers as historical fiction. I guess that’s correct when you consider the 1980s were almost half a century ago. I’m actually proud to be considered part of that genre. At its best, historical fiction not only explores and […]

Coming of age fiction…what is it?What are the best books in the genre?

Coming of age fiction

Introduction: Coming-of-age stories have been around as long as humans have told stories. The young hero is drawn into a journey or a spiritual quest, and must face obstacles and adversity, and by the end of the story, has become more mature, more self-aware, maybe sexier, certainly stronger both inside and out, and just changed […]

My personal picks of the best comic fiction out now

best comic fiction

By Paul Wilborn When people ask me how I appear calm and happy amid the craziness of the current world, I tell them I try live deep in my creative life – writing, playing music, running my music venue – and I read good fiction that is laced with humor. Call it humorous fiction, comedic […]

What is Comic Fiction? and Where Do You Find it?

What is Comic Fiction

People tell me my books make them laugh. I like that. I love a good story and a good laugh. When I’m writing, I try to find the humor along with the drama and pathos. Books in the comedy fiction category vary wildly, some going for regular punch lines and others, like my writing, trying […]

What is Humorous Fiction? Recommended Best Humorous Fiction Books

Recommended Best Humorous Fiction Books

Okay, let’s take a deep dive into the world for humorous fiction. And along the way, I’ll share some of my thoughts on the best humorous fiction books. Ready? The Link Between Humor and Fiction: For me, the best writers manage to tell a compelling, touching story and still lace it with humor. My hero […]

Discovering the Heart of 80s Florida and B-Movie Madness

Heart of 80s Florida and B-Movie Madness

Remember the neon-lit world of 1980s Florida? Slasher films would reign supreme and the state would transform into a hub of eclectic attractions. Every so often, a book comes along that perfectly captures a time, a place, and a cultural phenomenon. “Florida Hustle” by Paul Wilborn takes us on that kind of ride. Let me […]

FLORIDA HUSTLE – A Tale of Ambition in the Sunshine State

Ambition in the Sunshine State

In the whirlwind world of “Florida Hustle,” by author Paul Wilborn, ambition isn’t just a flickering desire; it’s a raging fire burning in the hearts of its characters. Picture this: 1980s Florida, where ambition doesn’t tiptoe—it struts like a rockstar, setting the stage for a wild, high-stakes adventure. Ambition here isn’t your run-of-the-mill dreamy longing; […]

Exploring 1980s Florida: A Setting Analysis of Florida Hustle

In the glittering rooms of a Palm Beach mansion, where dreams sparkled like diamonds, a collision of hopes and reality set the stage for an extraordinary journey through 1980s Florida. Picture it: a story where B-movies meet quirky characters and the unique charm of Florida. Paul Wilborn’s tale pulls you into a world where truth […]